5 Best Free Icons Download Websites with No Attribution Required

You need icons for all the web projects, I have collected the 5 best websites which gives free icons download with out giving any attribution for the icon, and whats more interesting is these websites also gives options where you can customize and download the icon in any color and any size you want.

The icons you download from below websites can be used for free in personal and commercial projects, lets see below the website list.

Free Icons Without Attribution

Free Icons Download Websites

#1. iconsDB: This is the my first preferred site for downloading free icons, iconsDB.com currently has over 4186 icons and the best thing is you can customize the icon in whichever color and size you want. And you can use the downloaded icons from site for any purpose with out giving any attribution. But a small amount of icons require attribution, but they are rarely used. No login required to download icons.

Customization Attribution
Icon Color, Size Not Required
Free for Personal & Commercial projects
Check Website Link No Login Required

Free Custom Icons Websites

#2. Aiconica: Aiconica provides Free vector icons where you can choose and customize your own icon color, size png/gif type. Currently it has 1141 free icons and the best part of Aiconica is you can choose the icon and added it to Download Queue and download the list at once and the other nice part is no attribution required and it is with creative commons icons.

Aiconica has best icons for Arrow Icons, Arrows, Business, Buttons, Computers, Decoration, Food, Logo, Miscellaneous, Music, Nature, People, Social, Study, Symbols, User Interface, Video.

Customization Attribution
Icon Color, Size, Format Not Required
Can use for Personal & Commercial projects
Check Website Link Direct Download

Best Free Icons Download Websites with No Attribution

Does Free Icon Websites Require Attribution?

No, if they are really required then they will mention to keep an attribution for the downloaded icon.

Best Free Icon Websites

#3. FlatIcons.net: FlatIcons provides lot of customization options then other websites like you can choose the icon’s Background Shape, Padding, Size and Color. Currently FlatIcons.net has over 2500 free icons and all can icons can be customized. Only con is you can download the icon only in png format.

FlatIcons.net provides free flat icons, royalty free icons and flat icon sets in these Icon Categories Application, Banking, Brand Identity, Data, Education, Election, Emotions, Food, Gadgets, Landmark, Medical, Miscellaneous, Mobile Application, Network and Security, Office, People, Science and Technology, Shapes, Shopping, Signs, Sports, Transportation, User Interface and Wildlife.

Customization Attribution
Background Shape, Color,
Size, Padding
Not Required
Can Use For Personal & Commercial projects
Check Website Link Direct Download

Free Icon without Attribution Websites

#4. EndLessIcons: EndLessIcons has quite a good number of icons but only thing is you cannot customize the color and size. You can use for Personal & Commercial projects freely.

Customization Attribution
No Not Required
Check Website Link

#5. Material icons: Material icons provides beautiful crafted symbols for common actions and items, you can customize the shape and size.

Customization Attribution
Size and Shape Not Required
Check Website Link

Bonus Sites List for Free Icon Download Websites:





Note: Will update the article whenever I find the free icon download website.

Above free icon download websites has Icon category or group in Accommodation, Add, Adobe ,Airplane ,Alert, Align, Anchor, Animal, Antenna, Appliances, Arrow, Attach, Baby, Badge, Battery, Boat, Book, Bookmark, Bottle, Box, Briefcase, Browser, Brush, Calculator, Calendar, Call, Camera, Camping, Car, Car logo, Cart, Chart, Check mark, Chess, Christmas, Civilization, Clipboard, Clock, Clothes, Cloud, Coffee, Comb, Computer hardware, Credit card, Crown, Currency, Database, Debug, Delete, Door, Download, Edit, Email, Emoticon, Envelope, Error, Exclamation, Eye, Favorite, File, Flag, Folder, Food, Footprint, Forum, Fruit, Furniture, Gamble, Game, Gesture, Globe, Grid, Gun, Halloween, Hand, Headphones, Heart, Home, House, Image, Inbox, Info, Joystick, Key, Laptop, Letter, Light bulb, Link, List, Lock, Mail, Map, Math, Mickey Mouse, Microphone, Movie genres, Music, Network, Numbers, Office, Operating system, Padlock, Page, Paper clip, Party, Pencil, Phone, Picture, Pin, Play, Printer, Programming, Puzzle, Question mark, Radio, Remove, Resize, Ribbon, Rotate, Rss, Scissors, Search, Seo, Settings, Shape, Shield, Shopping, Shower, Sign, Signs, Site logo, Skull, Sms, Snowflake, Social, Sort, Speech bubble, Sport, Star, Sun, Switch, Text, Time, Touchscreen, Train, Trash, Tree, Umbrella, Undo, Unlock, Usb, User, Utensil, Vegetables, Video, View, Volume, Warning, Weather, Webcam, Wifi, Window, Wireless, X mark, Zodiac signs, Zoom.