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Top Best WordPress Audio Player Plugins

1. Audio Album audio albumAudio Album uses the default audio capabilities of mediaelement.js included with core WordPress files and enables you to style a group of audio files (MP3 etc) as single block formatted as an album. A basic stylesheet is included, however this is intended to be used as a starting point with custom […]

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7 jQuery Based UI Frameworks for Developers

Best jQuery UI Frameworks that will help to create useful and innovative mobile applications 1. jQUery UI jQuery UI is a curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library. The notable components of the jQuery UI are Tree View, Combo and Form Widgets, Color Picker, Charts, […]

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Open Source Alternatives to Microsoft Office

Paying money for using Microsoft Office? Use Open source tools and get almost same features as Microsoft Office. 1. Open Office : Open Office is developed by Apache Foundation and is the best Open source Word processing, spread sheets, presentations and database. Very easy to use much like MS office. Open Office Works on Windows, […]

List of Best Opensource Bug Tracking System
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4 Best Top Opensource Bug Tracking System

Bug Tracking System helps in finding bugs in a software application, apart from this it helps in setting milestones, getting new feature requests and progress tracking. Opensource Bug Tracking System Below are the Best Open Source Bug Tracking System : #1. Bugzilla: Bugzilla is top rated open source Bug Tracking System developed in Perl and […]

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Find Console in Firefox Google Chrome Apple Safari Internet Explorer and all Browser

Firefox (you can also now use Firefox’s built in developer tools Ctrl+Shift+J (Tools > Web Developer > Error Console), but Firebug is much better; use Firebug) Safari and Chrome Basically the same. Explorer Don’t forget you can use compatibility modes to debug IE7 and IE8 in IE9 or IE10 If […]