Do You Know Difference Between F5 and CTRL+F5

While debugging code or writing code many developers come across refreshing a page, but do you know what exactly the difference between F5 and CTRL+F5?

When a user press F5 a new request is sent to the web server and in it sends backs a response for the request as well. But when the response header is Parsed it will check the required information in browser cache. If the required information in cache has not expired then that information is restored from in cache itself.

When user click on CTRL+F5 it will send a new request to the web server and while sending back the response the response header will not check for any required information in cache, and it will bring all updated information form web server.

In Simple Terms:

F5: Triggers a standard reload.
CTRL+F5 : A Hard Refresh or Refreshes the page by clearing the cached content of the page.

F5 and CTRL+F5 works same across all majot browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer