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7 jQuery Based UI Frameworks for Developers

Best jQuery UI Frameworks that will help to create useful and innovative mobile applications

1. jQUery UI

jQuery UI
jQuery UI is a curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library. The notable components of the jQuery UI are Tree View, Combo and Form Widgets, Color Picker, Charts, File Uploader, RTL Support and Validation. It is an open source license and the user can get professional support for commercial use only. This UI is integrated with technologies like and PHP. Whether you’re building highly interactive web applications or you just need to add a date picker to a form control, jQuery UI is the perfect choice.

2. Zino UI

Zino UI is jQuery based, WAI-ARIA compatible, user interface framework consist of 25+ different components. Cross-platform user interface framework for you Web & Enterprise applications. A delightful addition to your CMS, Back-end and Front-end interfaces. Zino UI is brought by programmers for programmers and designers.

3. Kendo UI

Kendo UI is popular and widely used framework for building mobile web applications easily, this is an advanced mobile framework that is used for building native-like mobile apps and website. It supports iOS, Android, Blackberry and WP8. Kendo UI DataViz can create data visualization in no time. Kendo UI has open source as well as commercial licensing to suite all enterprise needs.

4. jQuery EasyUI

jquery easy ui
jQuery EasyUI provides easy to use components for building modern, interactive, cross-browser JavaScript applications. It’s a full collection of feature-rich widgets and interactions, built on top of popular jQuery core and HTML5. Few of the essential most important features of this UI are Panel, Layout, Window, which are the UI design widgets. DataGrid, PropertyGrid, Tree and TreeGrid are the other few components of this UI. It also has advanced combo widgets like ComboTree and ComboGrid. Easy UI also offers good set of easy to use themes and theme builders.

5. jQ Widgets

jQWidgets provides a comprehensive solution for building professional web sites and mobile apps. It is built entirely on open standards and technologies like HTML5, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. jQWidgets enables responsive web development and helps you create apps and websites that look beautiful on desktops, tablets and smart phones. jQWidgets is a feature complete framework with professional touch-enabled jQuery widgets, themes, input validation, drag & drop plug-ins, data adapters, built-in WAI-ARIA accessibility, internationalization and MVVM support.

6. Wijmo

Wijmo is a kit of highly advanced widgets based on jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile. Wijmo widgets are optimized for client-side web development and utilize the power of jQuery for superior performance and ease of use. All Wijmo widgets come equipped with over 30 themes and support ThemeRoller. This widget also contains video widgets, wizards and animation widgets. The best part is Wijmo offers only one set of widget that can be used for both mobile and web. You can get comprehensive User Guide along with API references for each widget of Wijmo.

7. W2ui


The w2ui library is a set jQuery plugins for front-end development of data driven web applications. It is not a adhoc port to jQuery, but was initially developed with jQuery in mind. Out of the box w2ui library is all-in-one solution. It contains all most common UI widgets: Layout, Grid, Sidebar, Tabs, Toolbar, Popup, Field Controls and Forms. You do not need to put together a collection of mismatched plugins to accomplish your goals. The library heavily uses HTML5 and CSS3 and yet supports all major modern browsers. Latest Chrome, FireFox 7+, Safari 5+ and IE 9+ are among supported browsers.