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Find Console in Firefox Google Chrome Apple Safari Internet Explorer and all Browser


(you can also now use Firefox’s built in developer tools Ctrl+Shift+J (Tools > Web Developer > Error Console), but Firebug is much better; use Firebug)

Safari and Chrome

Basically the same.

Internet Explorer

Don’t forget you can use compatibility modes to debug IE7 and IE8 in IE9 or IE10

If you must access the console in IE6 for IE7 use the Firebug Lite bookmarklet look for stable bookmarklet



Works for all iPhones, iPod touch and iPads.

Now with iOS 6 you can view the console through Safari in OS X if you plug in your device. Or you can do so with the emulator, simply open a Safari browser window and go to the “Develop” tab. There you will find options to get the Safari inspector to communicate with your device.

Windows Phone, Android

Both of these have no console built in and no bookmarklet ability. So we use type :listen and it will give you a script tag to place in your HTML. From then on you can view your console inside the jsconsole website.

iOS and Android

You can also use to access web inspector tools and the console on any device using their convenient browser plugin.

Older browser problems

Lastly older browsers (thanks again Microsoft) will crash if you use console.log in your code and not have the developer tools open at the same time. Luckily its an easy fix. Simple use the below code snippet at the top of your code and good old IE should leave you alone:

if(!window.console){ window.console = {log: function(){} }; }
This checks to see if the console is present, and if not it sets it to an object with a blank function called log. This way window.console and window.console.log is never truly undefined.