speedup phpstorm make faster tric
General Tips&Tricks

Speed up PhpStorm Right away

Are you using PHPStorm IDE, then see below simple tricks to speed up the performance of PhpStorm IDE.

Speed up PhpStorm

1. Turn on Power Save mode

File -> Power Save Mode or using “Hector the Inspector” icon in the IDE status bar.

This mode turns off on-the-fly code inspections This way you can finish what you have started, and later decide what code inspections to deactivate.

speedup phpstorm make faster tric

Make PhpStorm Faster

2. Add these to your phpstorm.exe.vmoptions or phpstorm64.exe.vmoptions file, at the bottom:-Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=lcd -Dawt.java2d.opengl=true

3. Disable language injections:

Go to File -> Settings -> Language injections. Untick as many boxes as you’re comfortable with.

HTML was the real killer for me. Disable inspections: File -> Settings -> Inspections. Untick as many as you don’t need.Disable unused plugins: File -> Settings -> Plugins. Untick unused.

4. Disable Reopen Last Project on Startup

By default, PhpStorm opens your last opened project on startup. This is alright when you work on the same project most of the days, but when you switch projects often, you might want to disabled this.

This prevents that you have to wait for the whole (wrong) project to be loaded. Instead you will get the overview of your most recent projects.

Go to: preferences -> type ‘reopen’ -> Uncheck ‘Reopen last project on startup’