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How to Customize and Edit Your Blogger Template

Blogger is free blog publishing service from Google just like wordpress and the best thing about blogger blogs are the articles gets indexed in the Google search engine very fast and this article is all about customizing the blogger template, I am going to show how to customize blogger template by taking the default blogger template. Please follow below steps to achieve this.

Things we do here:
1. Template Customization : You can add Navigation links, change theme color, adding logo to the blog, adding ico file.
2. Adding HTML/JS Widget,adding blog achieve widget,follow by email widget, adding Adsense,labels,and a poll widget.
3. Adding a Custom Domain.
4. Turn on Mobile View (responsive template).

Customize Your Blogger Template

1. Log in to your blogger template.

2. Click on Template Tab to the left Side.

3. Now click on Edit HTML, in a small window it will open the current blogger template which is made up of HTML and XML.

4. To add the SEO meta tags after the tag just place your SEO meta tags and save.

5. To make changes to color and font size, find the word <![CDATA[ where you can edit the CSS file of the template, to effect on whole template make change in body { tag.

6. Adding logo to the blog, click on Layout tab left side, now click on Header widget, choose file and upload the logo and choose Instead of title and description option to display the uploaded logo on the blog. To add ico file click on Favicon widget and choose the ico file upload and save, remember the ico file should be of 16*16 size which is a mandatory size.

7. One more best thing about blogger is we can make lot of customizations like adding images, videos,blog stats, html code , adsense code widget and more. Now click on Layout Tab, it will open the blog layout. The pop up window will list all the available widgets on the blogger.

8.If you want to add a HTML code then click on Add Gadget (see above image) , now come to bottom of the window where you find HTML/JavaScript Widget click on it put your HTML code and save. Now the widget will show on layout, you can drag and drop the widget any where you like it.

9.Apart from HTML widget you can add lots of other widgets like Social sharing, Follow by email, Translate, Blog’s Stats, Images, Polls,Videos,Adsense code(where you can earn money by displaying ads) and etc.,

10.Adding a custom domain, Click on Settings Tab-> Basics, click on + Add a custom domain link(see image).

11.Once you clicked it will open a window, and now enter the domain name, and save. And remember you need to follow some set of settings please click on the link settings instructions and follow instructions.

12.To turn on mobile view, click on Template and on the right settings gear icon (see image). In the pop window choose Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices. option, this is very important because these days there are lot of viewers who are visiting blog via mobile.