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Confirm Form Resubmission This webpage requires data that you entered earlier in order to be properly displayed. You can send this data again, but by doing so you will repeat any action this page previously performed. ERR_CACHE_MISS Hide details Reload this webpage Press the reload button to resubmit the data needed to load the page. […]

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HTML Color Charts Hex Codes

HTML Color Chart Below is the hexadecimal representation for an array of HTML background colors. The hexadecimal value that you see displayed in each box represents the value to get the background color of that cell. #000000 #000033 #000066 #000099 #0000CC #0000FF #003300 #003333 #003366 #003399 #0033CC #0033FF #006600 #006633 #006666 #006699 #0066CC #0066FF #009900 […]

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Provisional headers are shown in Google Chrome Browser Debugger

Recently I worked on a PHP webservice project and I saw this Provisional headers are shown in Google chrome browser and Opera browser.I digged some research on Google and find out mixed responses and at last I got it fixed by removing window.print() in script. Check out all the fixed Provisional headers are shown answers […]

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Fixed Floating sidebar using HTML and CSS

By using simple HTML and CSS you will get Fixed Floating Right side bar and you can also make customization to it. Copy the code from the below Textarea box and see <br /> <br /> <html><br /> <head><br /> <br /> <script type=”text/javascript”><br /> function load()<br /> {<br /> document.getElementById(‘abc’).style.right=’25px’;<br /> }<br /> </script><br […]