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Learn SEO in 15 Minutes – Basic Concepts of SEO

What is meant by SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is nothing but optimizing web pages of a website or blog.

So what happens?

Learn SEO in 15 Minutes

By using SEO techniques web pages will become more search engine friendly, thus it will appear in top position in search results.

How many types of SEO Ways?

Two Types: 1. On-page SEO
2. Off-page SEO

So what is On-Page SEO?

All about content:

a. Have Good content
b. Use of proper keywords in the content
c. Use of alt, title tags in image
d. Use of title tag when an anchor link is used
e. Use of H1 to H6 tags in the content
f. Using strong, emp tags will also help.

So what is Off-Page SEO?

Irrespective to content:
a. Link Building
b. Submitting to open directories like
c. Back Links
d. Submitting to search engines

How many types of SEO Techniques?

Two Types: 1. White Hat SEO Technique
2. Black Hat SEO Technique

What is White Hat SEO Technique?

a. Content should be good.
b. Avoid coping content.
c. Creating content for people not to search engines.
d. Making good web pages includes design also.
e. Creating content according to rules of search engines.

What is Black Hat SEO Technique?

a. Spamming
b. Keyword Stuffing
c. Meta tag stuffing
d. Fooling people with names and different content
e. Meta Descriptions wrongly mentioning
f. Redirecting users
g. Page Hijacking

Few must follow SEO Techniques?

1. Website name should be like a keyword
2. Use of Hyphen in domain name is allowed, it also works as keyword.
3. When creating subdomain or sub directory keep an eye on the keyword.
4. While naming a file or image use Hyphens ‘-’, avoid Underscores, Spaces.
5. When using images use lesser size image.
6. Avoid use of Java Script, Flash, and Frames in the content.
7. Use of Meta Keywords, description.
8. Use Site maps, robots.txt for website.