adsense earning of an article
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How to Know Adsense Earning of an Article or a Blog Page?

If you are a blogger and using Adsense then you can know adsense earning of each page/article by using Google analytics. To know how much each page or article is generating adsense income you must use Google Analytics on your blog or website.

Adsense Earning of an Article

First Enable AdSense Linking on Google Analytics:

If you have already installed Google Analytics on your blog then go to Gear Icon on Left Side and under Product Linking -> AdSense Linking

Now Configure Adsense Link -> Select an AdSense Property -> Link configuration -> All Web Site Data

adsense earning of an article

Then Enable Link.

Once Done, It may take up to 24 hours for your AdSense link to begin displaying data.

Adsense Earning of a Blog Page

After 24 hours finished, now go to Home Tab

Search for Behaviour Tab on Right Side -> Publisher Tab -> Publisher Pages.

adsense earning of a blog page

Here it will display which page or article on your blog has generated adsense income.

It will show Publisher Impressions, Monetized Pageviews, Publisher Clicks, CTR and Revenue. You can even filter with date.

Thus, you will know how much adsense income generated for a single page or a blog post or an article.

Happy Earning!!!