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5 Websites to Check Keywords For Free Online

If you have a website then struggling to get good traffic or earning less from the sites it is due to the Traffic to get good traffic the quality of an article is very important, so if you are writing an article for your website it is always good to research the keyword for the article, below are the best keyword research tools for any website, if you follow the instructions from them surely you will see a real good growth of traffic of your website.

Check Keywords For Free Online

Top Best Competitor Keyword Research Tools :

1. SEMRush : It fetches the top 10 keywords of an article or website.

2. Google Adwords Key tool : Needs no introduction one of the best Keyword research tool because it is from Google.

3. SEOmoz : Keywords, search your competitor keywords and lot other features

4. Open Site Explorer : It is pretty much like SEOmoz list the best keywords

5. Alexa : An amazon company gives you the Alexa rank across the world and country as well as top 10 keywords of your website along with the traffic, a must try one.