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14 Ways to Secure Joomla and prevent from Hijacking

  1. Change the default database prefix (jos_)
  2. Use a SEF component
  3. Use the correct CHMOD for each folder and file.
  4. Password protect your administrative area.
  5. Use a .htaccess file to secure your Joomla.
  6. Passwords – Use a unique strong password.
  7. Install the jSecure Authentication plugin.
  8. Always Update all third party extensions to the latest versions.
  9. Remove any unused third party extensions.
  10. Disable or remove unused user accounts.
  11. If possible use less number of extenisons.
  12. Always use the highest rated third party extension.
  13. Always take back ups dont rely on Hosting provider.
  14. Recommended to use OWASP Joomla Vulnerability Scanner for security vulnerabilities and exploitable plug-ins