How to Set up BonitaSoft BPM with Tomcat and Mysql

Before setting up Bonitqasoft you need following:

1. Latest version of Bonita Open Solution Tomcat and Mysql Bundle.
2. Java 1.6 version and set JRE_HOME and set JAVA_HOME system variables.
3. Mysql database.

Follow below steps to configure BonitaSoft with Tomcat and Mysql :

1.  Create two databases named bonita_history and bonita_journal.


Create database bonita_history;
Create database bonita_journal;

Step 2. Create user “bonita” with password as “bpm” and grant all permissions for above created two databases.


CREATE USER ‘bonita’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘bpm’;
GRANT ALL ON bonita_history.* TO ‘bonita’@’localhost’;
GRANT ALL ON bonita_journal.* TO ‘bonita’@’localhost’;

Step3. Modify BOS configuration files and, as BOS configuration uses H2 database.

(Note:These two files are located at –“ BOS-5.7-Tomcat-6.0.33bonitaserverdefaultconf”)

1. Comment the “hibernate.dialect” of H2 database(To comment use “#”).

2. Comment “bonita.hibernate.interceptor” attribute as well.

3. Un comment “hibernate.dialect” and “bonita.hibernate.interceptor” from “Examples- MYSQL” , make sure that the values of these 2 attributes are “org.hibernate.dialect.MySQL5InnoDBDialect” and “org.ow2.bonita.env.interceptor.MySQLDescNullFirstInterceptor”  respectively for  Mysql database.(See Line no. 100)

4. Also we need to configure the hibernate properties in context.xml file which is located at “BOS-5.7-Tomcat-6.0.33conf”, comment to comment use , and uncomment from .

5. Once the above configuration is done, add mysql-jdbc driver ( ) into “BOS-5.7-Tomcat-6.0.33libbonita” location and remove h2-1.2.139.jar from this location as it is no more required.

6. Start the tomcat server by navigating to “BOS-5.7-Tomcat-6.0.33bin” location and running command startup.bat from the windows command prompt.

7. Once the tomcat server starts click this url  http://localhost:8080/bonita /, use default credentials user – “admin” and password – “bpm” to login.

8. After the first run need to comment “” property from and files as it is needed to create the table only at first run.